American Express Price Protection Claim

American Express Price Protection is a benefit that allows eligible cardholders to receive a refund for the price difference if an item they purchased drops in price within a certain time frame. Making a claim under the program is a straightforward process that can be done online or over the phone.

American Express Price Protection Claim
American Express Price Protection Claim

To make a claim, you will need to provide proof of purchase and proof of the lower advertised price. The following steps will guide you through the process of making an American Express Price Protection claim:

  1. Check the time frame: American Express Price Protection applies to purchases made within the past 120 days. Make sure that the price drop occurred within this time frame.
  2. Gather your proof of purchase: You will need to provide American Express with a copy of your original receipt or invoice. The receipt should include the purchase date, the name of the item, and the purchase price.
  3. Find proof of the lower price: You will also need to provide proof of the lower advertised price. This can be in the form of a print or online advertisement that shows the item’s name, price, and date.
  4. Submit your claim: You can submit your claim online or over the phone. To submit a claim online, log in to your American Express account and navigate to the “Benefits” section. From there, select “Price Protection” and follow the prompts to submit your claim. To submit a claim over the phone, call the number on the back of your card and speak to a customer service representative.
  5. Wait for a response: American Express will review your claim and let you know whether it has been approved or denied. If your claim is approved, American Express will credit your account for the difference in price.

It’s important to note that there are limitations to the American Express Price Protection program. The program only applies to items purchased in the United States and its territories, and there are limits on the amount of refund you can receive per item and per cardholder per year. The program also doesn’t cover items purchased for resale or items that have been modified, rebuilt, or refurbished.

In conclusion, American Express Price Protection is a valuable benefit that can help you save money on purchases made with your eligible American Express card. By following the steps outlined above and being aware of the program’s limitations, you can take advantage of this benefit and maximize your savings.

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