Best Banks For Students In France


As a student in France, you might marvel at which bank will certainly have the ability to offer you a dependable deal, along with solutions as well as charges that are adjusted for your circumstance. Along with a restricted income as well as the failure to function full-time, students in France will certainly frequently discover their best option to become towards signing up for an online bank. Discover everything about all of them within this particular direction.

Best Banks For Students In France
Best Banks For Students In France

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A lot of online banks exist in France, therefore here’s simply a review of a few of the banks along with the most affordable charges as well as one of the absolute most beneficial solutions as well as invited offers for students.

List of the best online banks for students

  • Hi, bank!
  • Boursorama Banque
  • Monabanq
  • Eko through CA

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Which online banks have offers for students in France?

Among the most significant benefits of choosing an online bank as a student is actually that they exercise a great deal less expensive than conventional French banks because they cause extremely reduced yearly financial charges. What’s much a lot extra, these banks rarely need you to satisfy a specific degree of income, creating all of them available to young people that do not however have actually a steady income.

This stated, very most online banks still preserve obstacles towards entrance primarily such as the lowest income demand. Therefore if, as a student, you do not have actually considerable cost financial savings or even function part-time (as well as after that it might certainly not constantly be actually enough), possibilities are actually you’ll have actually a difficult time searching for an online bank that’ll consent to authorize you up.

Using this in thoughts, right below are actually a couple of online banks along with student-oriented offers in France.

Hello Bank!

Hi, the bank is actually a subsidiary of the BNP Paribas team. It aims at young people as well as students under 25 years old. This bank provides you an open door towards a French present account as well as a Visa Leading memory card. A fantastic reward is actually that you will not need to validate the “requirement” income problems (generally €1,000/month) or even create any type of type of sediments on your cost financial savings account.

Details that you have to exist a copy of your student memory card throughout the membership.

If you are actually a student over the grow older of 25, it is actually a little bit more difficult to register as certainly there certainly are actually some obstacles towards entrance exist, although these may not be as stringent as exactly just what conventional banks generally collect. The student should have actually a degree of education and learning a minimum of equivalent towards “Bac + 4” (4 years of examination after your secondary school diploma) as well as a regular monthly income of under €1,000. What’s much a lot extra, if you want towards preventing the collection charge towards available your account, you’ll have to down payment of a minimum of €1, five hundred € in your Hi bank account after opening up it.

Boursorama’s welcome offer

Boursorama Bank is actually routinely granted the headline of the most affordable French bank – although it doesn’t deal a unique deal for students.

For a very long time, this bank will just give an open door towards a present account as well as a Visa Traditional bank memory card for those that might show an income of €1,000/month or even that might down payment €2, five hundred on a cost financial savings account online financial. However, because of 2017, Boursorama’s Invited deal has actually placed a point towards this.

Today, certainly there certainly are actually no charges connected with the account, as long as you perform one deal every month along with your memory card (or else you pay out a monthly charge of €5). Drawbacks are actually restricted towards €200 every 7 moving times, as well as resettlements towards €600 over 30 rolling times. Overdrafts are actually topped at €100, while the bank memory card is actually methodically licensed.


Monabanq is actually a subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel CIC team. It places ahead a paying out deal, however without obstacles towards the entrance. It does not have actually any type of student-specific offers, however, as a student, you can easily authorize as much as a Monabanq account such as everybody, as well as obtain a Visa Traditional memory card for €2/month.

While Monabanq imposes a €24 charge annually towards its own customers, it likewise offers an invited reward of €120 – among the greatest among the competitors.

It interests details that the online bank offers financial items customized towards young people, like:

  • A checkings account for 16-18-year-olds (setting you back €12/year if the small chooses a Visa Traditional card)
  • A young people cost financial savings account for 12-18-year-olds, along with a drawback memory card as well
  • as remuneration of 1.2% as much as €5,000 (0.40% past that)
  • An account for 12-18-year-olds, along with a 2% yearly rate of passion, however, topped at €1,600
  • An account for 18-25-year-olds (extension of 12-18 account over).

ING Direct

Such as Monabanq, the online bank ING Guide has actually eliminated its own income demand criterion because of 2016. It is actually therefore currently simpler for students to authorize as much as an ING Guide account, whose offers include a premium Gold MasterCard.

To prevent any type of charges, however, you’ll need to place a minimum of €1,200 every month on your ING Guide account, or even location a minimum of €5,000 on an ING cost financial savings account – requirements which may obstruct students.

This stated students can easily still draw on ING Direct’s deal, rather than conference the over problems, paying out €5/month. Using this choice, by paying out €60 annually, students can easily obtain a Gold MasterCard, which is actually a practical implication of resettlement particularly when taking a trip abroad, because it consists of prolonged assurances in regards to insurance coverage as well as support.


Fortuneo offers accessibility towards a present account as well as a totally free MasterCard for 18-26-year-olds, on the problem that you pay out € 5,000 on a cost financial savings account a life insurance policy account after registering along with the online bank.


A subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole team, BforBank might be among the very minimum available online banks for students, as it imposes higher obstacles towards the entrance which are actually amongst the greatest amongst online banks. Certainly, students, as well as routine customers, as well need to validate a regular monthly income of €1,600, or even an internet income of €1,200 if they first down payment of €10,000 on their BforBank cost financial savings account.

How about digital banks for students in France?

Over the recent few years in France, a brand-new kind of bank has actually been actually acquiring appeal: electronic banks. Likewise referred to as “neo banks“, these are actually likewise extremely appealing for students – particularly Erasmus as well as trade students in France – because they do not cause higher charges when moving various other money for example.

What’s much a lot extra, instead of online banks, these banks rarely need you to satisfy a specific degree of income, creating all of them available towards young people that do not however have actually a steady income.

Eko by CA

Eko by CA was established through Crédit Agricole in 2017. Its own particularity is actually that it goes to the crossroads of the neo-bank, the online bank as well as the conventional bank. For €2 a month, as an Eko through CA client, you’ll obtain access to a bank account, a MasterCard Worldwide memory card (however no feasible overdraft), as well as the My Bank mobile phone application whereby you can easily handle your profiles.

Besides, you’ll have the ability to take out money coming from all of Crédit Agricole ATMs (7,000 branches in France), which you can easily geolocate utilizing the Eko through the CA application.

If you ever before have actually an issue or even demand to earn, the Crédit Agricole bank advisors are actually offered to assist you through telephone, in companies, or even through request.

Orange Bank

Produced in 2017, Orange Bank is actually a fantastic option for students as it does not need you to satisfy an income demand. Preserving an account will certainly be actually totally complementary provided that you perform a minimum of 3 financial procedures every month, more you’ll be actually billed a €5/month charge.

All of this creates it appropriate for a youthful, active linked populace excited towards conserve cash. What’s much a lot extra, Orange Bank offers a strongly invited reward of as much as €160, peer towards peer refunds, immediate equilibrium updates, customizable bank memory cards, resettlement through mobile phones, and so on.

The neo bank can easily likewise offer cost financial savings items as well as cheque publications, unlike a few other banks of its own kind. Simply details, nevertheless, that you will not be actually enabled any type of overdraft, which certainly there certainly are actually caps readied to your resettlements as well as drawbacks.

Other digital bank offers

If you wish to available a bank account in France, however, does not require a credit rating or even cost financial savings items, you can easily choose among the complying with banks, which deal restricted solutions however unbeatable costs:

  • N26, which includes a totally free bank memory card.
  • C-zam, which fees €5 towards available an account, after that fee €1 every month
  • Nickel, along with a fee of simply €2/month

Overall, neo banks are actually most likely your best option for taking a trip as well as for journeys abroad. Certainly, not just are actually resettlements as well as drawbacks in international money totally complimentary or even practice for free, however, they likewise offer an effective as well as ingenious individual expertise, with their ergonomic, user-friendly as well as enjoyable mobile phone applications.

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