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Residential Cleaning Procedures


   1. Pre-Inspection of the carpet is important to PH test the fiber before cleaning also to identify the carpet fiber and any problems associated with that fiber. We also inspect the carpet for open seams, rips and any buckling. 

   2. Dry vacuuming carpet is important to remove the dry soils that damage the carpet face fiber. Some areas of the carpet may need to be vacuumed with a Certified Pile Lifter.

   3. Precondition soiled areas with Hypo-Allergenic cleaning detergents.

   4. Agitate carpet with a rotating Nylon brush designed to help detach the soil from the fiber, as well as lifting and separating matted fibers.  It also evenly distributes the preconditioning agent.

   5. Pre-spotting may be necessary.  Some spots are easily removed with normal cleaning procedures, however others are not.  These may include ink, bleach, dyes, cosmetics, and acid based stains such as pet stains, wine and fruit juices; they can be permanently set.  We provide spot dyeing for correcting bleach spots & sun fading.

   6. Soil extraction with RX-20 HE low moisture cleaning unit contains Hypo-Allergenic rinse detergents that PH balance any residue left from cleaning while softening the fibers. It also prepares the carpet for the protector. (PH test required)

   7. Applying a carpet protector preserves the carpet appearance and revives carpet stain resistance.  An additional charge may be applied.

   8. Carpet grooming provides an even distribution of the carpet protector (if requested) as well as standing the fibers up to dry.