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Stone, Tile & Grout Cleaning

   1. Floor covering identification is important to identify the floor type, condition of floor and any problem areas such as loose tiles or weak grout lines.

   2. Dry soil removing is important to remove unwanted soil before applying moisture to the stone and grout.

   3. Test cleaning for the chemical sensitivity of the floor to insure the proper cleaning agent is applied so as not to harm the floor covering.

   4. Preconditioning of grout lines and floor to remove hard water deposits and imbedded soil. Use of grout brush or counter rotating brush machine may be needed for heavy soil removal to help loosen soil from grout.

   5.  Soil extraction with neutral rinsing agents removes detergent residues while preparing the grout for a sealant. NOTE: For heavy soil & stain removal, extra cleaning and neutralizing steps are necessary, additional charge will be applied. 

   6. Applying an impregnater (grout sealer) contains agents that are absorbed into the pore/capillary structure of the stone and masonry material that protects the stone. An additional charge may be applied.

       A. We also provide a color seal that will permantely tint the grout lines a darker color.