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   Upholstery Cleaning Procedures


   1. Fabric Identification is necessary to identify the fabric and any problems associated with that fabric.  Also inspect the piece for any rips or tears.

  2. Dry vacuuming is our first step. If the soil is impacted to the fabric, it may be necessary to loosen it by pre-grooming with a gentle brush before vacuuming.

  3. Pre-spotting may be necessary. Some spots are easily removed with normal cleaning procedures; however others are not, such as ink, bleach, oils, cosmetics and acid based stains such as fruit juices, they can permanently be set.

  4. Cleaning the upholstery is done using one of two methods:
     A. Hot Water Extraction
          •   Pre-conditioning consists of applying a liquid pre-spray and mild agitation using a horsehair brush.
          •    Soil extraction using hot water extraction is a rinsing process where a hot cleaning solution is sprayed onto the fabric and immediately vacuumed off, carrying away the solution and soil suspended by the pre conditioner.
      B. Dry Foam cleaning/ Hand Shampooing is a dry foam solution that is applied using a sponge or towel for non aggressive agitation. Dry vacuuming the foam solution removes the suspended soil from the fabric.

  5. Finishing is required on both cleaning methods which includes applying a fiber protector. (An additional charge may be applied) Grooming & setting the nap which also provides even distribution of the fiber protector. (If requested)